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Hardy Marine is one of the most well-known British motor boat brands now under the ownership of the renowned Cockwells yard.  Hardy have crafted robust all-weather motor boats for 40 years with a model for many types of motorboat sailor.  Hardy have built a strong reputation for their focus on custom displacement motor boat builds and actively encourage owners to get involved with the design process.  The Stoneways Marine Insurance team can help Hardy Marine boaters with tailored Hardy Motorboat Insurance. 

The semi-displacement hull design of the Hardy range means that all vessels have excellent stability, even in the toughest conditions providing comfort and security for owners.  Built to be practical as well as providing a great helming experience, it is no surprise that Hardy Marine’s range has a loyal following.

Hardy Marine was acquired by Cockwells in 2020 and since then have continued to offer the original models with design tweaks to make them ever more suitable for the discerning motorboater.  As a current or aspiring Hardy motorboat owner, the right boat insurance policy is a must have accessory. Hardy Marine Logo At Stoneways Marine we are experts in providing boat insurance policies to suit individual boating lifestyles. Get in touch today for a competitive quote for your Hardy Motorboat Insurance.

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There are currently eight models in the Hardy motorboat range including the Hardy 32, Hardy 36, Hardy 36 European, Hardy 40DS, Hardy 42, Hardy 42DH, Hardy 45, Hardy 50, Hardy 50DS, Hardy 53 and the Hardy 65DS.

However, all models can be highly customised, so it’s very unlikely to find an exact replica of any vessel leaving the Hardy Marine shipyard.

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