Five Useful Tips To Follow In The Event Of A Winter Boating Accident

The Stoneways Marine team share their advice on how to respond in the event of a winter boating accident:

The UK waterways and coastlines are beautiful places to visit in all seasons, and winter with its snowy landscapes and frosty mornings can be a great time to explore.

However with visibility reduced, colder weather conditions, slippery surfaces and fewer daylight hours, accidents in winter are more common than you think – even with less people out on the water.

We can’t always control when incidents occur, but we can control how we react to them. In the event of a collision, here are five useful tips to follow:

1 Keep calm. Much like any other form of accident, it’s very important to remain calm and not panic. Safety should always be the first priority on-board the vessel. Possessions can be replaced – people cannot.

2 Record as much information as possible, as soon as possible. Make clear notes and take as many photographs as you can. These are often very helpful.

3 If anyone has witnessed the incident occur, try to obtain their contact details as you might need a statement at a later date.

4 Take immediate action to safeguard and minimise further loss, including prompt steps to reduce damage to machinery immersed in water.

5 Don’t delay! Please report to Stoneways Marine as soon as you can, even if you are unsure that a claim may result. This will help protect your interests.

You can also find further tips and guidance via our Claims Guidance page:

If you have been involved in a recent incident or want to make sure your boat is protected this winter from all conditions (and collisions) reach out to our experienced team today. We’re here to make the claims process as quick and efficient as possible.

We’re in the office Monday – Friday, ready for your call or query: 03333 609 886

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