Enjoy The Benefits Of Comprehensive Motorboat Insurance Cover With Competitive Premiums

Stoneways Marine’s comprehensive motorboat insurance is designed to protect you and your prized vessel against a wide range of risks, from theft and accidental damage through to plain old bad luck. 

The Stoneways’ specialist boat insurance team routinely help boat owners find  boat insurance policies for a huge range of vessels, from dayboats through to high-value multi-million pound craft, as well as assisting in finding insurance cover for uncommon risks which other insurers decline to quote on.

Your motorboat insurance can be specifically tailored to match your individual vessel use, cruising needs and required level of cover. Whether you’ve been sailing for years with many qualifications or are entirely new to the water, get in touch with our motorboat insurance experts today to see how we can help protect your vessel.

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A personalised approach to motorboat insurance

Offering far more than just a policy number and a PDF motorboat insurance certificate, we pride ourselves on our personal approach to boat insurance, which is why our valued customers choose us time and time again.

Whether you have a Beneteau, Windy, Hardy, Grand BanksTrader, Aquastar or any other make of motorboat, our motorboat insurance policies can be tailored to suit your individual needs, so whether you’re impressing a group of friends with sundowners or looking to cover activities like water skiing, we’ll steer the way and let you focus on enjoying the action whilst knowing you’re in safe hands. Get started and request a no-obligation quote today.

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